Giant pickup truck made from a 1988 Chevrolet truck goes up for auction

This amazing Giant Pickup was made from a Chevrolet truck from the year 1988, and is up for auction and can be sold for approximately R$ 45,000.00.

So we can say it's a pickup of respect!

However, it was a Chevrolet truck manufactured in the year 1988, which was completely modified and transformed into a pickup truck.

The giant pickup received a Mercedes Benz 1313 truck front axle, with a Mercedes Benz 7×48 differential and the incredible 148 hp engine with an imported RAY distributor. The picapona also has its Alcoa aluminum wheels and has four new tires.

Finally the vehicle is up for auction by the company "Sodré Santoro”, and will have its new owner on 07/28.

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With some information, we know that the minimum bid was R$ 45,000.00, but it has already been updated and the value was R$ 58,000.00.

For those who like and are interested in participating in this or other auctions, which are carried out by the company “Sodré Santoro”, must register directly on their website.

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Source: Trucker's Blog

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