Check out the Celtic Pickup Transformed by a Brazilian

A Brazilian turned a Chevrolet Celta car into an incredible pickup truck.

We know that Brazilians need to be studied by NASA, but some had to win a creativity of the year award.

This guy turned a good, indestructible Chevrolet Celta into a transport car. Made his dream truck, now he can drive and work with the car.

This version of the pickup was made from a popular Celt and the back of an old pickup truck.

The car has a pickup truck structure with the chassis prepared to be able to withstand day-to-day work. Therefore, it is a very useful project for the owner, and deserves our full respect.

Although we don't have more information or details about the car, it was designed in some corner of our giant Brazil.

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The original model of the car, a Chevrolet Celta, was produced from 1994 to 2016.

The hatch was a direct competitor of the Volksvagen Gol and the Fiat Uno, so the Celtinha was always very good and guaranteed the model's success in the Brazilian market.

The Celta used the same platform as the Corsa, launched in Brazil in 1994, but had been running in Germany since 1993.

A platform that was reused from the Opel Corsa that was manufactured in Europe in 1982, but did not come to Brazil.

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