The cheapest electric car in Brazil

The cheapest electric car in Brazil arrived in the year 2022 in Brazil, coming to compete with the Renault Kwid E-Tech model. Check out!

Electric cars are gaining more and more space in the market, and of course they arrived in Brazil.

The company Caoa in 2022 brought the model iCar which was imported from China.

Costing a little over 139 thousand reais, the value is well below compared to the Renault R$146,990 model.

Regarding the specifications of this car, know that it can run up to 282 km within the city when the 100% battery is charged.

In this way, the iCar has four module-type batteries, which guarantees long duration and autonomy.

Having 27 cells, it has a capacity to store up to 30.4 kWh.

When it comes to power, it's not because this car is electric that it falls behind.

Developing 61 horsepower at 15 kgfm, it is enough for the iCar to reach a speed of 100 km/h in just 12 seconds.

In other words, it is an electric car that really came to compete with the market leaders in this segment.

And it doesn't stop there, the battery of this expensive electric car takes only 36 minutes to recover its charge of energy in fast-type charge units.

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Now, if you put it to charge in a three-pin socket, that is, 220V, it will take around 11 hours. While in a conventional charger in about 5 hours it will be charged.

And of course, we couldn't stop talking about the proportions of this car, after all it is a super compact model, but one that offers comfort.

Although it is smaller than the model of the Renault, the E-tech, the Caoa model is 3.20 meters long, 1.67 meters wide and 2.15 meters between the axles.

In addition, its trunk has a capacity of 280 liters.

Finally, the interior of this car is super modern. With a central multimedia screen measuring 10.2 inches, it is in a vertical position, thus avoiding the conventional model.

With a very complete equipment package, the iCar is a great electric car option to buy.

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