Volkswagen Kombi was almost 40 years buried

This incredible Volkswagen Kombi from the year 1960 was buried for over 35 years.

After this long time, the Kombi was finally unearthed and rescued.

So we are talking about a Volkswagen Kombi with a very rare version.

We will show some images of how the rescue was made, after 35 years of abandonment of the vehicle.

Finally this Volkswagen Kombi was first seen by car fanatic John.

John found this relic in Oklahoma, USA, and the first time he was there, the previous owner said he would not sell the car.

After a few years, the owner of the Kombi died. So his brother gave him the option to sell that amazing buried car.

After finalizing the negotiations, it was time to dig up, and see the true state of the car.

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When it was time to remove it from the ground, they decided to remove the bodywork, and they didn't even want to remove the underside of the car.

After all that, they took the VW Kombi to wash. So they were able to see how it really was, with some corrosion spots, but that's normal for a car buried for this long.

A real car recovered in an incredible rescue.

Source: News portal

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