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Volkswagen launches new Saveiro MSI 2023 with 1.6 engine

This new version of the Volkswagen Saveiro MSI 2023 comes with a 1.6 engine and some new features.

We know that pickup truck and pickup truck sales are on the rise in Brazil. So it's a segment that Fiat has been leading for some years.

Now with this new Saveiro MSI 2023, with another engine, Volkswagen will try to recover its buyers and return to the fight in the category.

See the versions and prices of the new Volkswagen Saveiro MSI 2023

Sloop Robust version with Single Cab: from R$ 87,000

Volkswagen Saveiro Robust Version with Double Cab: from R$ 105,000

Sloop Trendline version with Single Cab: from R$ 93,000

Volkswagen Saveiro Cross version with Double Cab: from R$ 119,000

Anyway, the engine was one of the big changes in the new Saveiro MSI for 2023

Unfortunately, there were no changes on the outside of the car. The engine, on the other hand, is a new 1.6 MSI that only had the top-of-the-line option, now all Saveiros 2023 will come out with this same engine.

Therefore, this engine came to replace the old EA111, which did not meet the requirements of Pronconve.

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This new version EA211 1.6, will generate 116 hp of power, a little more than the entry models that were sold. With a 5-speed manual transmission in all four versions.

One of the new models will not have an extended cabin for the Saveiros 2023

With some information, this new version of the Saveiro MSI 2023 will no longer have the extended cabin option, only in the simple version. If you opt for the extended cab, you need to choose another version, either the Robust or the Cross.

So with some data on the performance of Nova Saveiro MSI 2023

It does 0 to 100 km/h in just 10 seconds (ethanol)

Volkswagen Saveiro 2023 consumption

Urban area: 7.5 km/l for ethanol and 10.8 km/l for gasoline

Road area: 8.8 km/l for ethanol and 12.4 km/l for gasoline

Source:  Garage360

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