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New Montana 2023 is Chevrolet's bet

Nova Montana 2023 should arrive in Brazil in the second half of the year. Being the new bet of Chevrolet in the category of small trucks.

The American automaker's bet for the year 2023 remains the Montana truck. A success already known by the brand and a great competitor of cars like the Volkswagen Sloop and also from Fiat Strada.

Chevrolet announced an investment for the production of the new vehicle in America, and the value is around US$ 1 billion in an automaker that is located in Mexico.

There are also speculations that the factory located in São Caetano do Sul, would be on the list to receive one of the biggest investments of the brand. Certainly a very high value to change the general characteristics of Montana 2023.

After all, the total investment would be US$1.9 billion, which if converted into reais, the value would exceed R$ 10 million reais.

Therefore, in order to bring Montana's sales success again, we know that Chevrolet expects to have a return on this great investment with the disclosure of this projection for 2023.

After all, the model comes with a designer that draws the attention of the brand's admirers, as it is very different from the projections seen so far.

This projection was made by car designer Kleber Silva, who is very reminiscent of the Blazer designer and also Trailblazer.

The president of Chevrolet in South America, Carlos Zarlenga, said in an interview that the new Montana 2023 will arrive to complete the brand's truck family.

However about the engine of the 2023 model there is still nothing confirmed. However, everything indicates that it will be the same engine adopted in the Chevrolet Tracker, with a 1.2-liter turbo engine.

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Finally, we still don't know for sure when this Chevrolet launch will be presented. Anyway, at the beginning of next year we will probably see images of the vehicle in tests.

We look forward to more announcements from Chevrolet.

Source: AutoEvolution

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