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The Beast is back!! New Chevrolet Caravan 2023

New Chevrolet Caravan has projection made by designer!

We know that in the 70's there weren't so many varieties of cars for families that were bigger, with more people.

So Chevrolet ended up solving this problem, launching the Caravan, which was the station wagon version of the Opal.

Therefore, it has always been manufactured to have a good internal space and a larger trunk. The Caravan was only manufactured in the two-door version.

Chevrolet mechanics have always been very reliable, and the Caravan was no different. With rear-wheel drive, it was great for riding on bumpy roads or for steeper climbs.

The success of the Caravan was due to the 250S engine with six cylinders, with sports control, mechanical tappets and high compression, which can generate up to 171 hp of power.

The designer made the projection based on the old model, but added some more modern lines, so he managed to make the car even better. Eduardo Oliveira, was the great artist who created this projection, and showed us what today's Caravan would look like.

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At the time, the Caravan had a version that drew the most attention, it was the sporty SS, with bands on the hood, wide wheels and mile headlights. That was the version the designer wanted to design, a car that only changed because he made the four-door model.

Looking at the rear of the car, the new Chevrolet Caravan kept the four taillights they had on the old model.

Finally, a projection that left the car very modern and with the features of the model of the time.

A very luxurious version that could even return to wheels through the streets of all countries.

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