How to save on fuel?

In several places in Brazil, the fuel is already costing more than R$ 8.00. So, with the price soaring, it is natural that drivers look for ways to how to save on fuel.

For this reason, today we bring you a series of simple tips that allow you to optimize the use of fuel. Check it out right now!


Calibrate the tires

Surely you must have read or heard around that it is important to calibrate the tires to ensure better use of fuel, right? This statement is true!

In short, when the tires are not inflated, there is an increase in their friction with the ground, generating a greater expense of gasoline.

Therefore, to ensure the proper use of fuel and save on it, it is essential that you calibrate your tires according to the automaker's guidelines.

Avoid air conditioning if possible

Air conditioning is an accessory that guarantees more comfort in everyday life, especially when it is very hot.

However, its uncontrolled use increases gasoline consumption. This is because the air conditioning is directly connected to the engine.

So, when you use it, it automatically puts a greater load on the engine and leads to exaggerated consumption of gasoline.

So, if possible, it is interesting that you avoid using air conditioning.

How to save on fuel? Shift gears correctly


Another important tip to achieve more fuel economy is to shift gears correctly and at the right time.

Now, gears are used to guarantee more forces to the wheels. So naturally they demand more from the engine as well.

That way, if you go over the limit of gear or even accelerate at the wrong time, more fuel is wasted.

That said, it is critical that you accelerate the vehicle correctly, smoothly and at a constant speed.

Pay attention to fuel quality

Surely this is one of the most important tips on how to save on fuel: pay attention to the quality of it!

So, we know it's tempting to want to save on gas, especially with such a high price.

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However, cheap can be expensive if the fuel is not of quality, even causing problems in your vehicle's engine.

Now, you will need to fill the tank again, as poor quality fuel does not last.

In this way, avoid the stations that are known for "baptizing" the fuel and be wary of prices that are too low.

How to save on fuel? Ensure up-to-date maintenance

To finish our tips, it is still important that you follow another basic recommendation. So, we're talking here about ensuring the maintenance of your vehicle is up to date!

Despite being a somewhat obvious tip, many drivers only worry about maintenance when the car is already full of problems.

However, performing maintenance within the proper time frame is the best tip to ensure savings for your pocket.

Not to mention that it is also an excellent fuel economy tip, as you will be guaranteed the proper functioning of the vehicle, which will use gasoline correctly, without exaggeration.

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