Lighting: car that assembles lights 2025

About the internal lighting of cars, know that there are already cars that adjust the ambient light according to your mood. Check out!

the technology company chinese recently developed a system that can automatically adjust a car's interior lights based on the driver's heart rate readings.

The company conducted research to determine how interior light configuration and colors could improve mood and positively impact a driver's overall physical and emotional health.

As such, Huawei explains in a recent patent that everything is linked to the driver's heart rate.

The new technology, called "ambient lighting, device, equipment, storage and vehicle control method," is supposed to monitor the driver for signs of stress.

If you are angry, for example, the device would use a wideband radio frequency signal to measure changes in heart rate readings.

Based on the results, he can adjust the interior lights accordingly.

Sure enough, Huawei can put together simpler implementations to adjust interior lights based on health sensor readings.

Using its smartwatches and a wireless connection to the vehicle, Huawei would eventually be able to obtain such data more conveniently.

Smart watches can monitor not only heart rate, but also stress levels, so the car receives valuable information about the driver's health.

Eventually, based on this information, the ambient lights can be automatically adjusted to improve the driver's well-being.

In the automotive market, Huawei is responsible for enhancing the smart experience in several Chinese models with its operating system called HarmonyOS.

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At one point, it was believed that Huawei was also planning to follow in Apple's footsteps and build its own car from scratch.

For now, the intelligent lighting adjustment system is still in the patent phase. But given Huawei's aggressive investments in the automotive market, it's likely only a matter of time before models with HarmonyOS get such features.

Meanwhile, rival Apple is working day and night on finalizing its vehicle. The Apple Car is expected to hit the streets in 2025, with an official announcement likely later this year or next.

It is expected that the apple Car is initially released with a conventional design, with full autonomous driving capabilities later this decade.

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Source: Autoevolution