Chinese Harley now cheaper

Chinese Harley, now your dream of owning a Harley motorcycle can come true!

Inspired by the Harley-Davidson Sportster S, Chinese manufacturer Motofino entered the custom/cruiser segment.

This new launch was named Steetboy V-Maxtex 300, where in the front you will have a wide oval-shaped headlight.

And the similarities between the Harley Chinese and the original version!

The Chinese brand has also copied the lines of the Milwaukee roadster with its fuel tank and seat and rear section.

And the similarities continue, even the “Streetboy Motofino” font stamped on the fuel tank is the same as the Harley font.

But, contrary to what many think, Motofino has made some modifications, otherwise it would be a case of plagiarism.

Among the changes you can find the tires, so this new model did not receive large and wide front tires.

The exhaust system was also modified, being higher referring to the vintage flat trackers.

And now for the most awaited part, the performance of this bike.

Of course, the performance and power of the Harley Chinese not to buy the original, but it is possible to observe some familiarities of the manufacturer.

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For some years now, the Chinese manufacturer QJ Motor has been working with Harley-Davidson on a version with a smaller model, this with a V-twin engine specific for the Asian market.

However, it is well known that other motorcycle manufacturers ended up using this type of engine, and of course Streetboy would have this engine.

That bike comes with the same 300cc V-twin engine, now mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

This engine is capable of sending all the power to the rear wheel through a six-speed manual transmission, reaching 30 hp of power.

And finally, this bike still has a wide variety of accessories.

Currently, this motorcycle is being sold in China for the equivalent of 23,980 yuan, equivalent to 18 thousand reais, but it is not yet available in the Brazilian automobile market.

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