Harley-Davidson X 350 2023

Harley-Davidson X 350 2023 arrived in the Chinese market. Keep reading and check out what Giro dos Motores has prepared for you!

THE Harley-Davidson X 350 2023 is the new motorcycle launched by the American company in China.

Harley-Davidson has officially unveiled the X 350 for the Chinese market, a small-displacement flat-track inspired roadster produced with Qianjiang Motor (QJ Motor).

So far, the X350 has only been confirmed for China, although a modified variant known as the X350RA is used in Harley-Davidson Rider Academy programs in the US.

With a bold and modern design, the X 350 aims to cater to Chinese motorcyclists looking for a versatile and powerful model for urban use.

The bike is equipped with a 350cc engine, capable of generating up to 35 horsepower. In addition, it has a six-speed transmission, which offers excellent performance on the road.

The chassis of the X 350 is made of steel, which gives the rider great stability and safety.

The front suspension is telescopic, with 120 mm travel, and the rear suspension is monoshock, with 70 mm travel. Both are adjustable, allowing adaptation to conditions of use.

The wheels are light alloy, with a 17-inch rim, and have high-performance tires.

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AX 350 has a modern and aggressive design, with well-defined lines and LED headlights. The seat is in synthetic leather and offers comfort to the pilot and pillion.

The instrument panel is complete and has a digital display, with information such as speed, fuel level and engine speed.

The motorcycle also has several safety features, such as disc brakes on both wheels, ABS brake system and traction control. In addition, it has an electric start system and LED position lights.

With all these characteristics, the Harley-Davidson X 350 2023 presents itself as an excellent option for Chinese motorcyclists looking for a powerful, safe and comfortable model for urban use.

With the brand's tradition and the quality of its products, the X 350 has everything to become a great sales success in China.

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