2023 square wheel bike

The square-wheel bicycle seemed like something possible only in design, as in The Flintstones. Keep reading and learn more about it!

Modern engineering allows ordinary people to create in a way that wasn't really possible in the past. Today, we get a glimpse of one such project, a square-wheel bike that actually works… sort of.

Here's a quick look at how one guy reinvented the wheel.

The Q is a YouTube channel that describes itself as “science videos and more”. We'd say it's adequate, as this particular project serves no real scientific or practical value that we can put forward. Still, it's incredibly cool to see what's possible with a little engineering know-how and tools to bring an idea to life.

At the beginning of the video, the builder created the square support frames that the rails will rotate around. Then a pair of spinning gears are added to each corner. Now the really hard work begins when a pair of chains is welded together using small steel plates. This finished component makes up the main body of the track.

The builder then takes the original bicycle tire and cuts it into slivers that match the steel parts on the track. Screws secure the rubber to the track and the entire finished piece rotates around the square wheel. The project is not over yet.

A traditional bicycle sends power from the crank to the center of the rear wheel via a chain. Since the center of these wheels won't turn, the engineers have to do something different. Instead, they send power from the crank to two other gears before moving down and turning an outside gear on its own tread.

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Under power, we see the bike move forward on its square wheels with no obvious issues, but the clips are pretty short. We don't get a chance to see if this really pans out without a lot of drama. We also wondered how he would get up and if he could get down safely.

Either way, it's a fun little feat of engineering that doesn't quite work out the way one might expect. It's not too far from other bike designs on the channel that include one with split wheels, the smaller one in functional style, and a bike frame made completely out of nuts.

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Source: Carscoops