Suzuki GSX-8S 2023

The new Suzuki GSX-8S year 2023 is considered one of the best bikes from the manufacturer. Keep reading and check out in detail what we separate!

The second of two 776cc Parallel-Twin powered models from Suzuki, the Suzuki GSX-8S has proven its mettle in just one race day in terms of being a contender in the naked middleweight division.

As previously mentioned, the GSX-8S follows in the footsteps of the 2023 V-Strom 800 DE as the second model to use the new 800 platform. The two models share the engine and steel main frame to which the Twin is bolted as a member tense.

The 776cc DOHC Parallel-Twin gets its capacity from a pair of 84mm bores with 70mm strokes, while the compression ratio tops out at 12.8:1. The 2023 Suzuki GSX-8S is said to make 82 horsepower of power at 8,500 rpm, in addition to a torque that reaches 6,800 rpm.

The cooling system uses a thermostat control valve which is known to help with faster heat and more stable combustion temperatures, leading to reduced tailpipe emissions.

The Suzuki GSX-8S has a dual counter balancer that is also used to suppress unwanted vibrations and it does a good job up to the point where you probably don't mind the liberal throttle twist.

A non-adjustable fork and preload-adjustable shock (with a tool) are supplied by KYB, and both offer 5.1 inches of travel. The seat sits a manageable 31.9 inches off the ground and makes a comfortable perch indeed.

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A pair of 17-inch cast wheels are ideal for this sporty horse and are shod in Dunlop Roadsport 2 rubbers. Trail and camber are 4.1 inches and 25 degrees respectively. Combined with the 57.7″ wheelbase, the chassis geometry leads to a stable, handling ride. The curb weight is said to be 445 dripping.

While the GSX-8S comes standard with a quickshifter, it pales in comparison to the excellent one used in the GSX-S1000 GT, requiring a lot more pressure to shift. After trying out a few bikes it seemed that some were better than others.

Despite the plush suspension, the bike maintains stability on smoother roads (and even bumpy ones if you're willing to dial that right wrist back), and the electronics are serviceable without being overdone.

Suzuki has a history of making excellent engines and I think this 800 platform is an example of that. At Suzuki GSX-8S, the engine steals the show, but the entire machine is amazing to fly.

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