Volkswagen wants to buy Huawei-branded autonomous vehicles

Some comments are circulating on the internet, that the Volkswagen Group is already in negotiation with the Huawei brand.

They're looking to buy your self-driving vehicle units, they're sure to invest a few billion dollars.

Some details still remain limited, but it is clear that the great leaders of the Volkswagen Group have been negotiating this agreement with the company Huawei for a few months now.

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According to internal information, Germany manager Magazin was the first to mention this possible deal.

China's Huawei brand has not made much publicity talking about its developments in the world of autonomous vehicles.

However, there are some other technology and car manufacturing companies, which intend to develop level 5 autonomy in passenger vehicles by the year 2025.

Huawei has been increasingly diversifying its business. In September of last year, the company unveiled what it said was the world's first level 3.5 system in the automotive industry.

The Volkswagen Group has also been working on autonomous driving systems and has just confirmed that it is working alongside the Argo AI and will eventually introduce the system to future commercial vehicles.

Recently, he had an interview with Reuters, and Volkswagen's executive president, “Herbert Diess”, said that the company has been looking for partnerships to increase its self-sufficiency with these autonomous systems. 

Diess further said he expects to see widespread autonomous driving across the market within the next 25 years.

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Diess also made several interesting statements during a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. When asked if the manufacturer Volkswagen could launch an electric pickup truck to compete with the Ford F-150 Lighting. Diess looked into this and liked the idea.

Therefore, he also stated that the VW company is working on variations for the production of its ID Vizzion model. He also added that Audi and Bentley are already working on premium electric limousine models.

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