Top 5 best-selling car brands

Do you know which car brands sell the most in Brazil? We know that the automotive market in Brazil is always full of news, but there are brands that dominate more than others.

So, thinking about showing what they are, today we made this list with the brands that sell the most cars in recent years. Check out what they are below!


Today the car brand that sells the most is Fiat. Just to give you an idea, the company was the only one to license more than 4.5 million car units.

Therefore, it is an expressive and surprising number, which was achieved due to the following vehicles:




General Motors

General Motors is also one of the best-selling car brands in Brazil, which reached this position on the list in 2016. So, since then, it has remained in a good position.

Therefore, today a good part of the brand's success is easily explained by Onix, General Motors sales champion.

Despite this model being the most sold, the brand was still responsible for manufacturing well-known cars, such as the Corsa, for example.


Volkswagen occupies the 3rd place on this list, but it is worth noting that despite this the German company is responsible for having the best-selling car of the last decade: the Gol!

However, not even Gol's sales were able to make the company reach the top of the list, but third place is a very interesting position that deserves to be highlighted.

Best-selling car brands – Ford

Although it is no longer present in Brazil, Ford is a consolidated brand that has a lot of history in the national territory.

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So, having had a presence here for over 100 years, the company also consolidates itself among the best-selling car brands.


Then you have the Renault brand, which is also one of the best sellers here in Brazil and this 5th place is possible because of Sandero.

That's because, for many years, this hatch was responsible for commanding Renault's sales, so the French automaker ends up having a good performance.

However, today the person responsible for ensuring that Renault remains competitive in the market is the Renault Kiwid model. In fact, it is worth mentioning that it was the best-selling car in January, with 354 units sold.

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