Boy Transforms His 85 Opala into a Dream Yellow Camaro

A man from Paraíba turned his old 1985 Chevrolet Opala into an incredible Yellow Camaro, in his own home.

We know it's not every day we see a story like this. His car has been completely modified to give it the appearance of a Camaro.

The vehicle walks through the streets of Itaporanga, a city that is right in the Sertão da Paraíba.

We have some information that the people from the Hora do Vale report saw this car passing by.

The owner and entrepreneur, Donis Santos was taking a ride with his machine, a Yellow Camaro all customized, derived from an incredible Chevrolet Opal 85.

The owner Donis, owns a company that buys, sells and exchanges vehicles, Monumento MotoCar.

So according to him, the car took almost 1 year and a half to get ready, and he spent around R$60,000.00 at the time. A very high value for a customization.

Despite being a custom car, it is complete with power steering, power windows and locks and other period accessories.

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Speaking of the engine that has in it, it is an engine from the S10 2.2 flex model 2012.

Donis also said that the color and paint were more than R$2,000.00, and that they are originals from the real Yellow Camaro.

The entrepreneur Donis is passionate about cars and said that this project is a great transformation. He even affectionately nicknamed his new Camaro “Transformers.”

He also said that the car is the attraction of the city, that wherever it goes, it draws attention. People take pictures, film, say that this is very gratifying for him, practically a dream come true.

Check out below some images of what it was like and how it turned out to be the amazing Yellow Camaro by Donis.

Source: Fixed World and Valley time

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