Boeing 757 plane has problems landing

A Boeing 757 model plane ended up breaking in two on landing, probably with hydraulic problems.

So with some information, on 04/07, in the early afternoon, there was this serious accident with a Boeing plane at Costa Rica's international airport.

Finally we have some images that show that the plane had its fuselage split in the middle.

The plane with the registration (HP-2010DAE), being a model Boeing 757 200PCF freighter.

The accident took place at Juan Santamaria International Airport, San Jose, in the capital of Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, the plane left the side of the runway, and ended up breaking up.

Despite the information that the pilot gave, the aircraft had a failure in the hydraulic system, shortly after takeoff.

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With some data from the online tracking platform, it showed that the pilot still tried to take a few turns over the airport, and only after he went to landing.

At the time it touches the ground, the plane released a lot of smoke from its wheels, something that seemed to have locked the wheels, typical of a hydraulic problem.

We still don't have information on the severity of the accident, but according to some reports, the crew had only minor injuries.

After the accident, the crew got out of the aircraft in complete safety.

Source: aeroin

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