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Chevrolet Opala sells in the US for nearly R$90,000

An amazing Chevrolet Opala went to the US and ended up selling for approximately R$85,000.00.

This Chevrolet Opala Commodore from the year 1977 was sold in 2020 and soon after it was imported to the USA.

So in the US it was sold for US$ 18,250, approximately R$ 85,000.00.

The model is equipped with a 4.1-liter, six-cylinder engine with a manual transmission system, with four gears.

The car stayed over 43 years here in Brazil, and from the photos you can see that it was very well taken care of. A hard-to-find car these days, especially in this state of conservation.

Equipped with AM/FM/Cassette radio, vinyl roof and 14-inch wheels.

It was sold by the Bring Trailer website in California. Of course the opal it was very successful there with the gringos, a car from that year that still has its owner's manual and import documents.

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The car had its model manufactured for 23 years here in Brazil. The Chevrolet Opala was derived from the German Opel Rekord Commodore.

Despite being a car that is in perfect condition, it was painted blue, even before going to the USA.

With its 14-inch wheels, with Chevrolet brand silver finishes, with Hankook 235/60 tires. They even put on some hubcaps to sell the Opal even more beautiful.

Inside the car it has all the black upholstery, the classic of the time. The panel remains impeccable, as if it had just left the factory.

Certainly a very rare car, which should be very appreciated there by Americans.

Source: Fixed World

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