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New Chevrolet Opala Diplomata 2022 has a projection made by designer

Will Chevrolet revive its old super model, the famous Opal Diplomat?

If we stop to think, what would a new Chevrolet Opala Diplomata look like these days.

The model was one of the great phenomena of the Chevrolet brand, manufactured from 1968 to 1992.

Its launch was at the 1968 Motor Show, after that the Opala was only successful, it was always very flashy, so it was quick to fall in the taste of Brazilians.

We know that the Chevrolet Opala was accepted very quickly by the buyers. So he ended up becoming an icon of Brazilian classics.

photo reproduction

Anyway, the great truth is that there are still a lot of people who like Opal, so everyone would like to see the model in the store again.

So the design Renato Aspromonte made a projection that everyone wanted to see. Made a version of how the New Chevrolet Opala Diplomata would look today.

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Finally, the designer also stated that he was inspired by the new generation of the Impala, which was launched in the year 2012 in the USA. And that he didn't have to try much, that the project was already very similar to the one we are presenting.

photo reproduction

He maintained an imposing bearing front and rear, pulling from the old Chevrolet Opal. So with the same shape of the grille and the headlights.

Unfortunately, he didn't say anything about the engine that could come in the car, but we know that it could be with a 3.6-liter V6 generating 307 hp of power, with a six-speed automatic system.

Source: Fixed World

2 thoughts on “Novo Chevrolet Opala Diplomata 2022 tem projeção feita por designer

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  • Jose Carracedo

    If GM understands that it can push a worthless project, the omega or other crap will come back.
    The opal (Opel project) was one of the best Brazil has ever had. I have other brands of vehicles and trucks, BUT, NONE OF GM. After the death of Opal and Monza, I never bought anything from GM again.

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