Honda PCX 2023: modernity and economy

The New Honda PCX 2023 brings together the best in this segment, modernity and economy. Check out more about this new model below!

With updates ranging from its design to the fuel consumption part, the bikes in this scooter line are considered great for those who want to save money.

Starting with its design, unlike previous models, this one has more striking features so that it has a more imposing style.

In addition, it has a more robust style, thus combining with its quality finish.

And it doesn't stop here!

So that you can be present wherever you go, the headlights are LED, helping with visibility.

Finally, regarding the design of this motorcycle, it has a 30-liter storage compartment, as well as a place to put your cell phone to charge.

And to ensure greater safety, you will have ABS-type brakes.

With 14″ wheels, you will find it easier to avoid holes and have better grip on the ground.

And to prevent theft, the Honda PCX 2023 has an alarm system.

Still on safety, you will have at your disposal the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system, which helps to control wheel rotation through speed sensors.

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Having a great cost benefit, you will have several accessories, with a total of eight and four color combinations.

Among these colors you will find metallic silver with burgundy, matte white with blue, metallic gray with black and pearlescent blue, all of which are modern colors.

And the main thing, the fuel consumption of this motorcycle is what most attracts people.

The new Honda PCX 2023 manages to do an average of 35 km / l.

Costing from R$17,000, this value can change depending on the accessories that the bike comes with, but rest assured that the value of this bike will be within the expected market.

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Source: Motos2023