Ducati launches Streetfighter V2 2023 its sport naked

This Ducati motorcycle is really amazing. We can say that the new Streetfighter V2 is a sports naked with unique characteristics.

Therefore, it is a motorcycle aimed at those looking for a bike that combines the sporty DNA of the Panigale V2. It has the same riding feel and style as the Streetfighter.

The result of this machine is a very intuitive and easy-to-drive model, with guaranteed power for optimal performance, while leaving the ride full of adrenaline and with maximum driving pleasure.

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The Streetfighter V2 is the reinterpretation project of Ducati's winning “Fight Formula”, this time it came with a twist of the Panigale V2, which was made without the fairings and equipped with taller and wider handlebars.

It weighs approximately 178 kg, with a 955 cm3 engine with 153 hp, controlled by a state-of-the-art electronic module.

This Ducati motorcycle has a unique and distinct personality, which you will never see in any other model!

The Streetfighter V2 is a motorcycle that draws a lot of attention, due to its design.

We know that the Ducati Style Center has worked on the reinterpretation of some style concepts. With the ultimate goal of creating a motorcycle with a unique and distinct personality, through various modifications that further enhance its attitude.

The new lines of the Streetfighter V2 version are more aerodynamically thought than the Streetfighter V4, leaving a sleek, agile and compact motorcycle.

The end result of this project is a naked sport like no other, trying to create a new segment in the motorcycle market.

So the style of the Streetfighter V4 is represented by the minimalist headlamp design, which is so reminiscent of the front end of the Panigale V4.

The rider has the option to customize the controls modes, or can restore the defaults set by Ducati. The IMU works on six axes, which measures the bike's position in space in real time and sends the information to the control module that manages all electronic controls. 

Everything for the pilot to have maximum performance and more safety.

Riding Modes allow you to choose between three different pre-defined riding styles, thus offering the rider the possibility to adapt to the behavior of the bike, according to his taste, his riding style or even the type of track.

Each riding mode is associated with a different control configuration. By selecting the different riding modes, you can instantly notice engine changes and electronic controls characteristics.

Wet Riding Mode is designed for use on surfaces with low grip. In this driving mode, the rider has all the power of the 153 HP Super quadro engine at his disposal.

The level of electronic controls are set to offer maximum safety, acting mainly on Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Wheelie Control, to ensure better grip and stability.

In Road Riding mode, the pilot can count on 153 hp, finally with a quieter response when accelerating. 

Electronic controls are calibrated to manage the bike's performance when riding on drier roads. 

It has rear wheel lift control during braking, which is engaged and the ABS Cornering EVO function is set for maximum cornering performance.

Then we have another riding mode, which is much more suitable for sporty driving, both on the roads and on the tracks. 

So this mode allows the pilot to count on the best performance obtained from that engine. It has Ride by Wire calibration that provides a direct throttle response.

However, all electronic controls are designed to be as unintrusive as possible without compromising safety.

As ABS eliminates elevation control and activates the “slide by brake” function, it controls braking and allows you to safely enter a turn with the motorcycle.

Anyway the bike is focused on road use with the right combination of sportiness and comfort. So with the taller and wider handlebars, made of aluminum replaces the other handlebars of the Panigale V2.

The seat is wider and has a new padding that makes it much more comfortable, even the footpegs have been repositioned to increase comfort.

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The driving position resulting from these changes allows the driver a great deal of control in the most sporty driving, but also does not tire too much on a day-to-day basis.

So the suspension also helps in a very important way for comfort. The Streetfighter V2 is designed to offer all the aggressiveness you need when riding on tracks and in curves.

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