Honda motorcycle 1982 0 km in the box is put up for auction

A very rare model of a 1982 Honda Moto was found 0 km and in its original shipping box.

Surely this must be the only completely Zero KM and dismantled motorcycle, a very rare Honda CBX 1050 cc, from 1982, which was finally put up for auction in Florida, USA.

Honda's classic model, CBX SuperSport which was manufactured in 1982, has just appeared at an auction on the American website “Bring a Trailer”. It has only 1.2 miles (1.9 KM) on its odometer.

According to some information, the example was the last motorcycle to be produced of this model.

photo reproduction

Therefore, this motorcycle was manufactured and sent to a Honda dealership, located in Ohio. Eventually it was sold and shipped to another dealer who had his store in Florida.

The owner kept his motorcycle for approximately 38 years, stored in its original shipping box.

This Honda CBX 1050 hasn't even been assembled yet, so it hasn't made any rider happy yet, speeding up this incredible machine.

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The bike has its 1047cc DOHC engine, with six cylinders in line, a transmission system with five gears, discs with air intakes, for ventilation, 18 and 19-inch wheels, and a fairing to protect the rider from the direct wind.

Anyway, to take pictures of the bike to put up for auction, the owner had to take out the cardboard box. So you can take some pictures of the bike still in the iron protection, which is inside the box, and show all the parts and accessories that you have on the bike.

The bike even has the self-adhesive maintenance stickers and certificates of origin from Honda itself, its frame number is No. JH2SC0605CC402307.

We know we can't blame anyone for not riding this bike to this day. The only thing we can say is that it makes you want to buy, assemble and turn on this machine, to run and hear the roar of those six cylinders.

Probably the snoring must be unique, something that few people have been able to hear or walk in one of these.

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