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Fiat Toro: updated and more modern version

If you are always looking for the most up-to-date in the automotive market, know that the Fiat Toro, updated and more modern version, is perfect for you.

Fiat pickup trucks are responsible for revolutionizing this segment, because it brought benefits that other brands did not offer until then.

Among the updates of the Fiat Toro 2023 is its color, which by the way is very successful in Brazil, being gray.

Regarding the outside of this vehicle, it is possible to notice that the Fiat Toro has a protection bar near the bumper.

This protection bar allows you to use your truck on dirt and uneven roads without sanitizing your bumper.

Still about its external design, know that the Fiat Toro 2023 has LED technology headlights, 18″ wheels and it doesn't stop there!

The tires are ATR type, that is, you can use it both on the road or off it, with bronze details.

When it comes to the interior design of this car, know that Fiat has gone to great lengths.

The seats and steering wheel of the Fiat Toro 2023 were covered in leather, having a more sporty footprint.

This car still has an object holder, 7″ digital central panel, with fuel and temperature gauge on the same plane.

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The Fiat engine is a Turbo 270 Flex type, that is, it has 185CV, with low fuel consumption, being a car with a super powerful engine.

When it comes to technology, Fiat doesn't waste time. Fiat Toro models have one of the largest multimedia panels on the market.

The panel of the Toro model is an updated and modern version, which can reach 10″ vertically. And, for you to have more practicality, the air conditioning system is fully digital.

And the best, you can start your Fiat Toro just by pressing a button.

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