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New Citroen C4 2023 with updates

Check out the new Citroen C4 2023 that now comes with updates making it more luxurious and with the latest technology, thus becoming impeccable.

The French brand never leaves something to be desired and this time it would be no different.

Bringing the Citroen C4 updates to Brazil will give you a new design in addition to new features on the inside of this car.

Starting from the outside, know that this car from the SUV came with a modern design and Brazilian style.

With strong strokes on the side, they combine harmoniously with the front and the LED headlights, thus giving a visual effect in 3D.

At the top, you will have bars that make the car super functional and with a Brazilian style, as it also highlights the Citroen Cactos4 2023 even more.

And the news about this car doesn't stop here!

With 17-inch alloy wheels, the rim has a Shine-type finish and off-road mixed-type tires. To complete it has airbumps.

When it comes to the inside of the Citroen C4 you will have high technology at your disposal through a digital 100% panel.

The steering wheel is covered in leather, making driving even more comfortable.

Regarding the accessories of this car, you will have an automatic headlight system, rain sensor, 6 airbags and tire pressure sensor, for example.

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All these items and many others help you to be safer while driving in addition to providing more comfort.

And to top it all off, you'll have the option of choosing one of the 6 versions that Citroen brought to Brazil. Remembering that the value of this car may vary according to each version.

Regarding its engine, it has a maximum power of 166 horsepower when fueled with gasoline.

Finally, know that this car has a flex-fuel engine and does an average of 10 km/l on the road and about 7 km/l in the city, regardless of whether it is fueled with ethanol or gasoline.

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Source: Agora Engine