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Nissan Pathfinder Concept year 2023

The new Nissan Pathfinder Concept model year 2023 was a big surprise from Auto Shanghai. See more about this car below!

Since last year, we've seen the new Honda HR-V, the latest iteration of the best-selling CR-V compact CUV, a new Pilot and Accord, among others. A Toyota it also jettisoned one novelty after another, from the S235 Crown that reappeared in America to the Prius 'Hybrid Reborn' and the family-oriented three-row Grand Highlander.

Looking like an exciting and minimalist EV experience, the Arizon concept brought back fond memories of the days when Nissan was a vigorous powerhouse in the off-road field of adventurous SUVs.

“Imagined in China for Chinese customers looking for a customized solution”, this prototype may or may not leave the region if it ever becomes a series product. But hopefully, the surprise arrival of a 2023 Nissan Pathfinder Concept - while also being "designed with China in mind" doesn't signal yet another case of forbidden fruit for the rest of the world.

First introduced nearly four decades ago in 1985, the Pathfinder Concept, the SUV family has seen many revolutions along the way – originally starting out as the SUV version of the Navara (Frontier) compact pickup truck.

The sibling relationship lasted until the third generation model was released in 2003, when it was reworked into the company's F-Alpha platform as a mid-size SUV.

Now, however, it has reinvented its lifestyle again since the arrival of the fourth generation and has followed the crossover SUV ethos since 2012.

The Nissan Pathfinder Concept 2023, which fell as a tremendous surprise on the Auto Shanghai 2023 catwalk, is quite different from the American model. Rather than being a carbon copy, the prototype features the same three-row arrangement within an SUV body that "combines modern Chinese aesthetics with quintessential Nissan."

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Unfortunately, the Nissan is providing exactly zero technical specifications regarding this China-bound Pathfinder preview. Instead, they're mulling over a completely redesigned exterior and an adventure-ready interior that.

Plus, it looks like it's going to have three rows of seats, offering ample space for larger families” and the fact that it was unveiled alongside the latest Qashqai crossover, which is set for an August launch in the Chinese market.

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Source: Autoevolution