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New VW Tharu 2023: with updates

The new VW Tharu 2023 has just received updates in the Chinese market, such as more technology and a new engine, for example. Check it out below!

O Tharu it is the Chinese brother of the Skoda Karoq that has benefited from a redesigned exterior.

Although Volkswagen is offering many SUVs to China, know that they are updating these cars, as is the case with this model.

The VW Tharu is a vehicle that stands out for its power and impressive interior and exterior design. The engine is one of the car's strengths, ensuring high-performance performance.

With a power of up to 177 horsepower, the Tharu is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds, making it an agile and powerful vehicle.

Tharu's interior design is sophisticated and elegant, with high-quality materials and a perfect finish.

The instrument cluster is intuitive and easy to use, and entertainment technology options include an 8-inch touchscreen, premium sound system and smartphone connectivity.

In addition, the car has generous space for passengers and luggage, making it perfect for long journeys.

Regarding the external design of the Tharu, it is impressive, it has bold lines and an imposing profile.

The front of this car is characterized by a full LED look, while the rear features a crafted design and an LED taillight.

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17-inch alloy wheels complement the car's look, and color options allow customers to customize their Tharu to suit their personal taste.

As such, the VW Tharu is a vehicle that combines power, high-quality interior and exterior design, and advanced technology.

So if you are looking for a powerful, comfortable and stylish car, Tharu is the right choice. As well as the brand Volkswagen is known for its reliability and durability, ensuring your investment is a solid long-term choice.

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