Iveco’s “Z Truck” projection comes with a focus on environmental issues

The concept of this new Iveco truck seeks to be a vehicle with zero impact on the environment and a sustainable mode of transport.

Iveco innovated in its new project presented at the opening of the Hannover Motor Show, in Germany. Being one of the largest automotive launches hall.

Therefore, this event is called the IAA and is held every two years.

The model initially named as Truck Z, as the project is still in the adaptation phase. So there may be some changes both in the name and in the model presented.

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Iveco Z presented at the show a gas engine, which in a new generation works with biomethane, derived from refined biogas.

Fuel that plays a key role in creating sustainable modes of transport with zero emissions, ensuring low CO 2 emissions and very low PM emissions.

The projection of Truck Z, brings an automated steering that will change the current role of the driver, who will have less time driving the vehicle and more time working in the office, for example.

Designer that allows the driver to configure his cabin layout according to the use, or what he intends to do with the truck at that moment.

Being urban driving, autonomous driving on highways, and also for taking care of office work, or sleeping at night.

Another cool configuration that Iveco has brought to this model, when the vehicle is parked you can modify the cabin to be more spacious and make the most of it.

The wall slides at the back automatically, increasing the interior length of the vehicle's cabin by 500mm.

After all, providing greater comfort to the driver, considering the exhausting routine of his trips, Iveco also brought into this model a folding bed, shower and a kitchen with a fridge and sink.

In addition, we also have information technology and vehicle functions, being passed on the truck's intelligent windshield as needed and varying according to the driver's need at that time.

What is also shown in this technological windshield is the connectivity of the Tires. That provides information about pressure, temperature and how the tires are being used, all data passed in real time.

Thus improving the safety issue of Truck Z.

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The air conditioning has its own system, around the driver's seat, to enjoy the best temperature conditions.

We are waiting for this incredible sustainable and technological model to win our roads and replace old models that still pollute our planet a lot.

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