Check out the projection of the new Chevrolet Blazer 2025

This is a projection of what the design of the New Chevrolet Blazer Street 2025 would look like.

So let's show the project of the artist and designer, known on the networks as Musartwork.

He did a projection of the new Chevrolet Blazer Street, which looks very JDM-style. The amazing designer and CGI expert showed that not every SUV has to be for older people.

With a clean and innovative design, it made the Blazer much prettier than the Chevrolet project itself.

Certainly the look was very flashy with monochromatic parts, which is very different from the original.

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Anyway, he left some black spots, which was certainly on purpose to give some contrasts.

We would certainly love to see this model on the road, so let's wait and see if Chevrolet will use this project in their new model of the car.

Did you like this projection of the new Chevrolet Blazer Street?

Check out the images in the gallery below:

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Source: Fixed World

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