BMW XM may have a hybrid version

The BMW XM will perhaps have an 8-cylinder hybrid version. Keep reading and find out more about this possible update!

Although Giro dos Motors always brings news about cars being launched this year, we also bring possible updates that are happening in the market.

Therefore, check below what the BMW is preparing for the coming years.

The BMW XM is big, bold, and a tremendous SUV powered by a hybrid V8, but according to a new report, a slightly less powerful variant with a six-cylinder engine is in the works.

The XM is the first model developed exclusively by BMW's M division since the famous M1 supercar, and if you can look past its controversial looks, it's a pretty solid performer.

Bimmer Today reports that to make the BMW XM attractive to Chinese consumers, a new base variant called the XM 50e is in the works. It will have two fewer cylinders than the standard model, but it will be no slouch.

Bimmer Today notes that the six-cylinder will be paired with a hybrid system and could produce the same 571 hp as the BMW M760e. In comparison, the 'standard' XM with its 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 offers 653 hp.

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In addition to offering more than enough power for most customers, the BMW 49.7 miles) on electric power only.

It will also weigh slightly less than the V8 model, but this is not expected to have a significant impact on performance.

It is not yet known whether the BMW will sell the BMW XM 50e in markets outside of China, such as Europe, the United States or the Middle East, but we have no doubt that the company's analysts are doing the math to see if it makes financial sense. in these regions.

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