Find out which cars will be discontinued in 2023

Cars undergo constant evolution to offer more comfort and practicality to consumers. 

Discover 6 cars that will be removed from the market in 2023

The Ford Ranger is the first mid-size pickup truck produced in Argentina and will be retired to make way for new technologies and a more powerful engine.

Ford Ranger

The BMW 3 Series sedan has been updated in Europe and will give way to the new version, which comes with updates to its exterior

BMW 3 Series

The VW Polo will give way to the Polo Track, a model that is more accessible to consumers and is now available in the Brazilian market

VW Polo

The VW Virtus will be discontinued to make room for the new generation, which features updates on the inside and outside.

VW Virtus

The new generation of VW Gol comes with a look more similar to SUVs and will be an ideal car for those looking for a practical vehicle,

VW Gol

 It's a great opportunity for you to purchase a car with reduced mileage and at an affordable price.


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