Learn how to check your vehicle's IPVA value in 2023

Every year you have to pay the IPVA, so it's very important to know how to check the amount so you don't delay payment. With that in mind, we have written this article, so that you are not left in doubt. Check out.

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Find out how to check the IPVA value of a vehicle

First of all, know that IPVA is an acronym for Motor Vehicle Property Tax. This tax is intended to go to the state and municipality in which the car is registered, thus contributing to city expenses.

One of the advantages of paying IPVA at the beginning of the year is to receive a discount. But, for that, you need to know how to check the amount and, consequently, how to generate the invoice, whether it be in a bank slip or in installments on your credit card. However, do not worry that throughout this article we will explain the step by step. 

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payment schedule

Payment schedule refers to the due date of the installment. To find out when your car's IPVA installment will expire, you can consult the Treasury Department website. 

Consult the SeFaz

Still on the SeFaz website you will also be able to check the amount and issue the invoice to make the payment. When entering the site, you need to go to the “services” tab, then “IPVA”. After that, you will be asked for the RENAVAM number and the vehicle license plate, finally in “payment”, then you will have access to the amount and the ticket to be issued. 

fake tickets

It is important to point out that IPVA slips are not sent by mail, most states have already adopted the means of digital collection through the website. So, if a bill arrives at your house, pick it up on the website to check that it is not fake and find out if your state still sends this bill by mail.

It is essential to be careful not to fall for scams, as in some states there have been cases in which the person received a fake bank slip and fell for the scam. Follow all the tips that were presented!

See if your bank application has the option to pay, some banks have made payments available in cash or in installments up to 5 times!

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