Discover the car models that will be launched in 2024

Here you will meet them all! Discover now the five new car models that will mark the automotive market

The Compact Cruiser has a unique design and rugged style. With a resistant coating, it is an ideal car for the road.

Toyota Compact Cruiser

The Crow SUV EV, ideal for those who like sedans. The brand's focus is on the production of electric and hybrid cars.

Crow SUV EV: an electric car from Toyota

Toyota's BZ5X is a robust gas-powered model, ideal for those looking for a modern car for their daily lives.

Toyota's BZ5X

Range Rover has electric models, with the SUV having three rows of seats and a 600hp engine, ideal for those looking for high luxury.

Range Rover Electric SUV

The Electric Dodge Muscle Car has a low and wide design, reminiscent of classic models. 

Dodge Electric Muscle Car

With so many options, choose your 2024 car, to see more details, drag up.