Chevrolet D-20 is forgotten for more than 30 years in the garage

Check out the Chevrolet D-20 found in a garage after 30 years of not being used.

The D-20 model was produced for Chevrolet's large utility line, and was manufactured between 1985 and 1997 by General Motors.

Chevrolet had in its range of utility pick-ups with single and double cabs, or with short or long buckets.

Therefore, the name given to the pick-ups was according to the vehicle's fuel. Being the letter D for diesel version.

The A-20 line models, on the other hand, were powered by alcohol and the C line models were powered by gasoline.

A rare car hunter found this D-20 Deluxe in zero kilometer condition. Abandoned in a garage for over 30 years unused.