Meet the Bolt 2023 EV: Chevrolet's First SUV

Are you looking for an electric SUV to take advantage of the advantages that this type of vehicle offers? Then Chevrolet has the ideal solution for you! Meet the Bolt 2023 EV

If you're a fan of modern cars, you'll love the exterior design of the Bolt 2023 EV. With emblems on the rear doors, plus 17' wheels made of aluminum.

Bolt 2023 design

For those looking for space and comfort, the Bolt 2023 EV offers even more. The car features a 10.2" touch-sensitive center dash.

Inside of the Bolt

The Bolt 2023 EV lets you connect safely and quickly thanks to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. 


It has 203 hp and a front torque of 36.7 kgf.m, in addition to a 66 kWh battery that takes the vehicle 7 hours completely.

Engine and Battery

The Bolt 2023 EV has 5 seats. In addition, the manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty.


 Bolt 2023 EV is certainly the best option for you. Costing around R$330,000.


If you are looking for a compact, modern and affordable electric car, then Chevrolet's Bolt 2023 EV is the best option for you.