How to check your vehicle's IPVA in 2023 - Learn more!

Are you looking to know how to check the IPVA value of your vehicle, you are in the right place!

The IPVA is the Tax on Motor Vehicle Ownership. It is a tax that contributes to the state and county where the car is registered. 

What is IPVA?

To check the amount and generate the invoice for payment, you need to go to the Treasury Department website, where you will have access to the amount and the slip. 

IPVA consultation

You can also consult the payment schedule. Knowing thus when is the due date of the installment. 

IPVA consultation

Heads up! IPVA slips are not sent by post. Most states use the digital billing method. 

beware of scam

You can also pay IPVA through your banking application. Some banks offer the option of paying in cash or in installments up to 5 times. 

Bank Application

Now that you know how to check the value of the IPVA and generate the invoice for the payment 5 times.