FIAT Pulse It has several defects

Customers dissatisfied with the purchase of Pulse reporting various problems with the car, check it out.

The new pulse has already made noise in the market, not only metaphorically speaking...

The car has been showing several problems in relation to the CVT exchange, and also the oil level.

According to dissatisfied customers, problems range from lack of support from Fiat to lack of parts at dealerships.

The problem with the oil level has not yet been remedied, customers are reporting that the car lights up warning of lack of oil in the engine

However, there is no leak and the car seems to consume more oil than gasoline.

About the CVT change, the change seems to cook the CVT pulleys making the car lose power and even stop walking.

With regard to internal noises, there are few reports, and usually the dealership solves the problem promptly.

But when the hole is further down, Fiat seems to take its line.

We know that the lack of customer support is what makes the brand get a bad reputation, as happened with Peugeot/Citroen.

Even so, are you still interested in buying a FIAT PULSE 2023? See all benefits