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Meet Fiat's new Pulse 2023

A new Fiat model launch is planned, the Pulse 2023, which promises to be more spacious and comfortable.

Among the novelties of this new release from Fiat are several, but among them the company promises a new look that is more attractive.

The new SUV has 16″ alloy wheels, made of steel with plastic hubcaps, thus giving it a modern look.

Thus, when it comes to the interior of the Pulse 2023, it has a driver's seat with height adjustment, providing more comfort and practicality.

Still on the comfort and practicality of this vehicle, know that the air conditioning is automatic, has an 8.4″ multimedia center and electric mirrors.

It also has a 3.5″ monitor for the on-board computer, that is, wherever you are you will always be connected.

Regarding the performance of the Pulse 2023, Fiat equipped this car with a 107 hp engine, with automatic transmission link and LED headlights.

Equipped with 7 gears, you'll have access to a Sport-type button that switches the Fiat's transmission to sport-type driving.

That is, you will have in your hands a car with more speed when driving.

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And the advantages of acquiring this new Fiat launch don't stop here!

As is expected of every SUV model, the Pulse 2023 can travel around 8.1km/l in the city and 12.1km/l on the road.

Remembering that these values are made when your car is fueled with ethanol.

It is worth mentioning that this model will be assembled in Brazil from 98,990 reais and will be available for sale from next year.

In this way, there is no denying that Fiat has once again managed to produce a car that provides the best in technology for its customers.

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