Harley-Davidson Kreator is a modified motorcycle and has the Audi gray color

This Harley-Davidson Kreator is a motorcycle that was modified by the company Nine Hills, and was painted in the Audi gray color.

When written with a “k” it reveals the name of the thrash metal band from the 1980s, which was created in Germany.

So from now on, it could also mean an amazing 2017 Harley-Davidson Breakout motorcycle, which was all modified by Polish specialist “Nine Hills”.

Now, modified Breakouts and custom builds brought together by the Nine Hills we've seen before, but this one is special in at least one respect, the Audi gray color.

This would be a special shade of gray never seen on motorcycles, shining so bright it could make even the inventor of the world's most popular type of gray jealous.

However it is true that we are not exactly taking Nardo Gray on this motorcycle.

The rims are also intended to contrast the gray of the build with its black and silver.