Opal Diplomat very rare and still zero km: Stopped for years in garage

Check out now the Diplomat Opala that was found still zero kilometer.

This is another jaw-dropping story for many collectors and admirers of vintage cars, with a classic car that has already marked the generation of many people.

An amazing GM Opal Diplomat from the year 1980 abandoned for years in an unused garage, the model of dreams of many young people of that time.

The Diplomata model debuted in the year 1980, and came as a successful bet by General Motors.

Finally, this Opal 1980 that was found in Minas Gerais, was still in a state of zero kilometer vehicle.

In addition to the excess dust left by the good years parked in that garage, the vehicle was in impeccable condition.

So this was the model that kicked off Chevrolet's gold line

And now, is that model a Chevrolet Opala Commodore or a Diplomat?