New VW Beetle Restomod 2023 revealed by U$ 600k

The new Volkswagen Beetle Restomod 2023 has been revealed with a price tag of $ 600k. Value that makes anyone's eyes water.

So Milivié, a company that was just created in Germany, has just announced its first product, a restomod of the iconic VW Beetle.

The brand informed that only 22 units of this new Beetle will be manufactured.

This number by the reference of the 22 million units manufactured of the Beetle.

What drew the most attention in this announcement was the initial value of € 570,000 ($ 599,511).

Anyway, right away he decided to develop the most famous of all, the Volkswagen Beetle.

One difference that we can notice is that they changed the Volkswagen emblems and put the Milivié brand.