Mechanic Transforms Fiat Uno into a Lamborghini

Edimar Goulart, a young mechanic from Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso, has a dream: to own a Lamborghini.  

Even with limited resources, he worked to transform his 2003 Fiat Uno into an incredible Lamborghini.

With some steel parts, fiberglass and a lot of dedication, the mechanic spent approximately  R$ 30,000.00

Edimar started working on his project three years ago

He started to make the pieces with plastic putty, metal corners and styrofoam.

Later, he switched to using steel frames to mount the chassis and steel sheets to the surface of the car.

Edimar Goulart works as an assistant at a graphic design company and earns the minimum wage. 

Even with limited resources, he managed to turn his dream into reality. The car is practically ready.