Meet Japanese Honda CBR250RR 2023


The 2023 Honda CBR250RR hit the Japanese market with engine and fairing design updates. 

This new version of this small sports car has a 240hp twin-cylinder engine. 

iStock by Getty Images 

In addition to being able to count on a powerful engine, this motorcycle also has a 6-speed gearbox and a liquid-type cooling system.

The Honda CBR250RR 2023 can do up to 40.1 km / l, as long as you run at speeds of up to 60 km / h. In general, the average consumption of this motorcycle is 27.4 km / l. 

The 2023 CBR250RR also features traction control, inverted-type front suspension (SFF-BP) and an Emergency Brake Alert System (ESS).

It is worth remembering that this bike is being produced in Japan and there is still no confirmation that it will be launched in the Brazilian market. 

Even so, if it arrives, it would be costing around R$ 35 thousand.