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The Honda Hornet 2023 arrived in Brazil and promises to be one of the brand's best launches. With design updates and LED lighting.

 It has a bi-cylinder engine of the 750 cm³ line, 92 hp of power at 9,500 rpm and 7.6 kgfm at 7,250 rpm.


In addition, this model has a more sporty design, removing the middle fairings and reminiscent of the CBR 750 RR model.


The dashboard of the 2023 Honda Hornet is digital and has the speedometer, hour clock, engine temperature and much more.

Digital panel

It has an asymmetric headlight and two mini lamps in the fairing. In addition, the lighting is entirely LED.


 Around 40 thousand reais you will have a motorcycle that promises to compete with other models in the same segment.


As for fuel consumption, this bike can do between 18.4 to 29.7 km / l. 


With its 92 hp engine at 9,500 rpm, the Honda Hornet 2023 can reach up to 200 km/h.


Honda has been working to give the best to its customers and the 2023 Honda Hornet is no different.