Shineray presents its new all-electric SHE S motorcycle

The Shineray brand has just released its new motorcycle the SHE S, now fully electric worth approximately R$ 18,990.

The model has the option of selling extra battery, to improve autonomy. The Shineray SHE S will be able to run up to 75 km on one battery charge.

Therefore the Shineray brand said that the SHE S bike is focused on sustainability, economy and also the great rider experience.

Therefore, the SHE S motor is electric and has 3000W of power, being able to run up to 75km of distance and reach 90 km/h.

It comes with a 72v 35ah lithium battery. Removable battery, which allows you to take out and recharge, giving up to 2,500 charges, lasting up to 7 years.