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Ferrari Testa Rossa J: a classic icon

Meet the new Ferrari Testa Rossa J, a car that was inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa, which is a Le Mans Legend. Keep reading and find out in more detail!

Named Pacco Claw Ferrari Testa Rossa J, in order for this car to remain true to the 250 Testa Rossa, The Little Car Company and Ferrari worked closely together to make this special edition happen.

Having a removable cage, bolt-on design that offers future owners the ability to switch up their vehicle's appearance, and a driver's side mirror, it's a breathtaking car.

Helping you stay true to the original is the tonneau cover on the passenger side. It comes in the same leather as the rest of the interior, available in red or black.

Bolted to the frame and rim, Sabelt racing belts are also included in another nod to the Scuderia drivers.

The rest of the cockpit features a classic steering wheel design, vintage gauges and buttons, and a very simple instrument panel with a small windshield in front of it.

And the news doesn't stop here!

Drivers can change the shock absorbers and brake bias to make their Pacco Gara Ferrari Testa Rossa J more unique.

Further enhancing the immersive nature of the special edition model are the faster steering rack and perforated brake discs for extra fun behind the wheel.

Remember, you shouldn't expect any mind-blowing performance, because it might look like a classic racer, but it has a small electric motor, powered by a small battery, which helps it send out superior vibrations compared to normal pedal cars.

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In this way, the Little Car Company claims that the engine power has been increased from 16 to 19 hp (12-14 kW) through a software update.

No information has yet been released on the price and availability of the new Pacco Gara Ferrari Testa Rossa J, but as we all know, it won't be cheap.

More details on this impressive creation are expected to be released at the St. Moritz International Concours of Elegance, which will take place in Switzerland on the 24th and 25th of February, as it will be on display.

Also, according to Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, the Pacco Gara will be available for test drives in the snow, so better pack these driving gloves if you plan on attending the event.

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