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Volkswagen launches for 2023

Check out Volkswagen's new releases for 2023. Investing heavily in the Latin American automotive market, VW updates some models in Brazil.

Among the launches that will take place throughout this year, the Volkswagen behind hybrid models and even pickup trucks to compete with Fiat, for example.

In total, five car models will be launched, one of which, in this case the pickup, will be manufactured in Argentina, while the others will be in Brazilian territory.

To begin with, let's talk about the most popular VW model here in Brazil, the Polo Track. This car will be the cheapest among the 2023 releases.

In this way, it is already to be imagined that this model will have a great output, because in addition to the price it is believed that the look will change completely as well as the engine.

In second place on Volkswagen's launch list, we have the Tiguan 2023.

The Tiguan 2023 promises to be a huge success among VW SUVs, as it may come with a hybrid option.

Having capacity for up to seven people, the Tiguan will come with changes in its external look so that it has the characteristics of Volkswagen.

In this way, it will have a sportier design and more modern details.

In 3rd place, we have the Gol SUV model. Although this model has left the lines, specialists in the area speculate that perhaps VW will bring a car with a similar look and give the same name.

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While Volkswagen does not release more information, what remains for us is to wait to find out what will be the news of this model that is scheduled to arrive at the end of 2023.

Already in 4th place among VW launches, you will have the option to choose the Virtus 2023.

According to the brand, the Virtus sedan will have a design closer to the Nivus, but in a more sporty version, with a more powerful engine.

Finally, Volkswagen will relaunch the sloop 2023 in the segment of pickups to compete with its competitors that are updating every day.

This truck will get many updates, from the inside to the outside.

Therefore, stay tuned here on the site to find out more information about Volkswagen launches.

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