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VW Amarok looks “monstrous” with wide fenders and high suspension

VW is rocking its Amarok pickup truck and has turned it into a true off-road monster.

The version called "Beast" is coming with wide fenders and a suspension that leaves the car up there, ready to face any radical stop!

VW has always been famous for the quality and performance of its cars, and the Amarok Beast is not far behind!

With an aggressive and raw design, this pickup truck will delight off-road adventurers.

Wide Fenders: The best thing about the Amarok Beast are these fenders that look like they've been on steroids. The animals are big and give the truck an animal look, in addition to giving plenty of room for the monster tires.

The change in design is not just to make the car more beautiful, no, it also improves off-road performance, letting the Amarok Beast face any obstacle with good.

High Suspension: And check it out, the Amarok Beast also got a suspension that gets you up there! This modification allows the pickup to face bumpy terrain without being tight, ensuring smooth handling and more space under the car.

With this high suspension, the Amarok Beast does it on steep trails, bumpy roads and even water crossings, without fear of being happy!

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Raw Power: In addition to the visual changes, the Amarok Beast is also a beast of performance. With a powerful engine and four-wheel drive, this truck is for those who like challenges.

Whether on urban asphalt or on the wildest trails, the Amarok Beast will give you a sensational and super versatile driving experience.

THE Volkswagen Amarok Beast is a respectable pickup that combines raw style, off-road capability and enviable performance. With its wide fenders and suspension at heights, it draws attention wherever it goes and is prepared to face any terrain.

If you are a fan of off-roading and enjoy an adventure, the Amarok Beast will satisfy you in full and take your madness to another level!