Which cars will be discontinued in 2023?

Do you know which cars will be discontinued in 2023? Keep reading and find out more about each of the car models!

First of all, it's very important that you understand why a car goes out of line, especially if you're thinking about selling yours.

According to experts, the useful life of a car is approximately 6 years, so during this period the automobile market may decide to stop manufacturing a certain car.

That is, the factories do this so that they can make room for new models that are being launched, models that offer more comfort and practicality to the customer.

Therefore, below you will see a list we made for you with 6 car models that will be discontinued throughout the year 2023.

In 1st place is the Ford Ranger, a mid-size pickup that was produced in Argentina.

Among the reasons for this model to be discontinued is the fact that Ford want to innovate in terms of technology and upgrade the engine to be more powerful.

Already in 2nd place, the sedan BMW Series 3, because it has already won a new version in Europe, with updates on its external part.

The BMW X1 is retiring to make way for the new model in the category, which comes with updates that make it sportier than the previous one.

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In 4th place, the VW Polo will give way to the Polo Track, a more accessible version for consumers that will be available in the Brazilian market.

Volkswagen will also discontinue the VW Virtus, because they intend to update both the inside and outside of the VW Virtus.

Now if you are a fan of the cars VW Goal, know that this model is in 6th place on the list.

It is not yet known for sure what this new generation of Gol will look like, but it is believed that the manufacturer wants to leave it with a look more similar to SUVs.

Finally, while some regret the departure of some models, others celebrate, as now is a perfect opportunity to buy a car per kilometer and even for a more affordable price.

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