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Honda Accord from 30 years ago

The Honda Accord was made 30 years ago, but it looks like new. Keep reading and check below why Giro dos Motores separated!

the vehicles Honda Accords from the 90's were known for their reliability, and the Accord is proof of that. YouTuber Tyson Hugie featured one in his latest upload, a 1993 Accord SE owned by someone named Hy owns the car.

In fact, the above video shoot is a celebration of the car's 30th anniversary, with production on this particular Honda Accord beginning in April of that year.

What makes this Honda Accord SE special is that it looks pretty immaculate despite its age. Of note, the car already has 212.43 km on the clock. Considering the time and distance this car has traveled, it looks like it just left the showroom. A time capsule, we should say.

We're not sure if this sedan has been through restoration and all, but we're pretty sure it received some TLC through exterior and interior details. Even the engine compartment is clean and spotless, which is pretty impressive.

The Honda Accord SE wasn't exactly a nameplate special at the time, but we appreciate the love it received from its longtime owner.

Looking at the Accord SE during its time, its biggest foe in 1993 was the Ford Taurus, which was cheaper if you were looking at the higher end models. The Accord SE was almost $4,000 (R$19,779.60) more expensive than the Ford Top of the line Taurus LX.

The former, however, had driver-side and passenger-side airbags as standard, while the Taurus offered a driver-side bag as standard and a passenger-side bag as an option for extra cash.

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The Accord SE has a 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine with 140 hp, less powerful than the Taurus' V6 engine options. The Taurus was also more spacious than the Accord SE, but the Accord had a greater load capacity.

Standard Accord SE features included air conditioning, power brakes and steering, power windows/locks, body-colored mirrors/ sunroof, leather seats, cruise control, digital clock, tilt steering wheel, Bose AM-FM stereo with cassette tape, lowered rear seat backrests, remote trunk/fuel release and rear window defogger.

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