Husqvarna FS 450 2024: Two updates

The 2024 Husqvarna FS 450 is two small updates to its model. Being considered the most complete on the market, check it out below!

Born in Sweden and now headquartered in Austria, bicycle manufacturer Husqvarna it is not a name that can be easily digested by everyone. The maker of anything from motocross to naked bikes is something of a niche player, but whose products can easily hold their own against far more visible rivals.

That would be the FS 450, a machine that has been leading the charge for Husqvarna in this segment for years. And the bike has just been refreshed a bit for the 2024 model year – not a lot, but enough to give it a fresh face.

There are two main changes coming to the FS 450 and those would be a new color scheme and a new seat cover. As far as colors are concerned, it is a mix of white, gray and yellow, with the company logo highlighted on the side covers – a scheme inspired, as we are told, by the “brand”

The bike's near-flat seat is now clad in a new high-grip covering that should ensure riders stay steady and in control of the bike while accelerating hard. And accelerating hard is relatively easy to do, considering the 450cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that sits in the hydroformed chromium molybdenum frame.

Introduced last year, the 63-hp engine uses the company's Quickshifter technology to shift gears (five of them ship with this one) and is controlled by Launch Control. A map select switch located on the handlebars helps the rider adjust engine response, but also activates the aforementioned systems.

The piece of hardware tips the scales at just 26.8kg and is held on the frame in a position intended to further center mass to improve handling and significantly improve anti-squat behavior.”

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Other than that, this bike, Husqvarna FS 450 rides on Alpina wheels locked via Brembo brakes and is driven over rough terrain with the help of a WP suspension system – a 48mm fork at the front and a shock absorber at the rear.

For the new model year, the Husqvarna will offer the FS 450 with the usual complement of accessories, but also specifically designed clothing. In the first category, you can find everything from aftermarket wheels to Akrapovic exhaust systems.

The bike is already available to order from the company's dealer lots, but for pricing information, you should “Also remember that the availability of the new two-wheeler depends on the market.

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Source: Autoevolution